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Awaken & Ignite Retreat
November 30th - December 3rd

Are you ready to dive deeper knowing who you are and what more you're going to do in the world?  These three days will  awaken your deepest strength & power so that when you return home, you are able to pour from the inside out your passion, power and purpose.

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Why do I need to attend this retreat?

Because the experience will invigorate & inspire you!

Our retreat offers a unique opportunity to recharge and find renewed purpose. Surrounded by nature and supported by like-minded women, you'll experience a powerful transformation. We will help you connect with your inner power while also enjoying plenty of relaxation time and delicious meals. Get ready to leave feeling refreshed, confident, and inspired.

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Who will be there?

Tara Kanerva, Transformational Coach

I am a full time NLP Coach and I am here to assist you in your journey towards a better life. My approach is rooted in neuro-science, but infused with love and joy. Retreat participants often remark on how much kinder and braver their lives have felt by the end of our work  together. I believe that anyone can become the best version of themselves nearly overnight, with the right mindset and approach. Come on this journey of personal growth, natural beauty, peace, and great company with me and see how surprising deep, immediate change can truly be.

Catherine Davies, Transformational Coach

I specialize in helping clients release the pain of their past and overcome negative thoughts. My techniques are gentle yet effective, and I work with each client on an individual basis to create a personalized coaching plan. I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner, with additional certifications in Time Line Therapy® and core transformation coaching. My goal is to help clients feel a sense of calm and inner peace, no matter what challenges they may be facing in their lives.

Where & When?

It's soon!  Exactly when you need it. 

This retreat is taking place at Living Waters Resort in Blue Mountain area, Collingwood, Ontario.  The resort has all the amenities and your get more details here.  

The retreat runs from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. (with the option to Arrive Dec 1st if needed)

Nov. 30th, 6pm - Dec. 3rd, 2pm.  

Rooms can be booked as private rooms or shared rooms.  Details can be found here.  $300 deposit to reserve your spot!

Focused Mind

What makes this retreat different from the others?

This is not a retreat for just relaxation & rest.  It's so much more.

I love a good relaxation retreat - with spa treatment and yoga classes and great conversation.  I do.  But they tend to be very expensive and you go back to your life feeling more relaxed but without much else.  

This retreat is about changing the behaviours, thoughts and feelings that create burnout and exhaustion in the first place. 

You get the best of both worlds! - the retreat environment and rejuvenating rest fused with cutting edge coaching and change work that will help you so much when you go back to  your real life!  You will LOVE this retreat!

How do I

make this happen?

Steps to make this happen:
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1 - Check your gut, your heart and your head to see if this is something you wish you could do!

2 - Check your calendar and see if there is any serious obstacle in your way to making this happen!

3 - Call Tara or Catherine and ask us about it all!

4 - Click here to pay your $300 deposit

5 - Set up your 90 min. coaching session prior to the retreat to make the absolute best of it!

6 - Pay the balance - be amazed at the value when you really realize what you're getting!

7 - Complete your coaching session.  Feel inspired already. 

8 - Pack your bags and drive to Blue Mountain after work on Thursday, November 30th.  

9 - Arrive, settle in, meet us, have a drink, some food, sit and listen as you decompress and thank yourself for the gift you finally gave yourself!

10 - Transform into your strongest self. 

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