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HEAL Retreats with Tara
Coming in 2024

Healing Retreats will be held over the Summer /Fall of 2024.  Retreats will be held in Ontario for three nights and four days.  Accommodations will be provided.  Approx. price will be $1200 - $1500

Focused Mind

What makes this retreat different from the others?

This is not a retreat for just relaxation & rest.  It's so much more.  It's about true, holistic Healing.

I love a good relaxation retreat - with spa treatment and yoga classes and great conversation.  I do.  But they tend to be very expensive and you go back to your life feeling more relaxed but without much else.  

This retreat is about changing the behaviours, thoughts and feelings that create burnout and exhaustion in the first place. 

You get the best of both worlds! - the retreat environment and rejuvenating rest fused with healing work that will help you so much at the deepest levels.  You will LOVE this retreat!

How do I join the HEAL Retreat this summer?

Steps to make this happen:

1 - Check your gut, your heart and your head to see if this is something you wish you could do!

2 - Once the dates are released, check your calendar and see if there is any serious obstacle in your way to making this happen!

3 - Call Tara and ask me all about it!

4 - Return here in the Spring of 2024 to pay your $300 deposit

5 - Set up your 90 min. coaching session prior to the retreat to make the absolute best of it!

6 - Pay the balance - be amazed at the value when you really realize what you're getting!

7 - Complete your coaching session.  Feel inspired already. 

8 - Pack your bags and drive to the destination one beautiful summer morning in 2024

9 - Arrive, settle in, meet us, have a drink, some food, sit and listen as you decompress and thank yourself for the gift you finally gave yourself!

10 - Transform into your strongest, healthiest self. 

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