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Courageous Coach Community

Why a Courageous Coach Community?

Being a coach isn't for the faint of heart.  We all do this because we want to help.  but then we stumble on one client and then we get stuck on another.  Before too long, you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the mixed feelings of confidently wanting to help and the fear-based desire to quit.  Nearly every coach has been there.  I promise.  You, are far, far from being alone.

I have had the greatest gift of being able to train coaches to coach for the last eight years.  Together with my husband we have trained coaches in NLP, in PACE and in NLP MASTER PRAC.  I have also had the incredible honour of being able to train people in the fundamentals of Core Transformation and Wholeness work.  Over the years I have gathered a community of coaches with whom I regularly share my own trials and tribulations - all my learnings and a great deal of my experiences.  We laugh, we cry, we question...

Alternating Tuesdays I speak to some aspect of coaching that has come in my own mentorship with coaches, my own client experiences or just in the greater world of coaching, as an issue to be explored and reconciled with.  I speak for a bit, then we discuss together.  It is the most truthful statement I can make to say that we have stayed stronger together and that while I've acted as a teacher, leader and mentor, I have benefitted and learned from every person I have ever worked with.

I'm crazy about my group of coaches and I hope you might choose to join so that you can benefit from our stories our efforts, our successes and mishaps in the field of coaching too!

Our Courageous Coach Community come together Alternating Tuesday Nights from September to June at 7:30pm.  Join below to add your name to the list and find the support you've been seeking!

Interactive CoachMentoring Experience

Comfortably at Home
Comfortably at Home

"I just had a tough client, can you offer me a few suggestions.  I see them again tomorrow.."

24/7 Coach Mentoring

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Courageous Coach Talks Resumes in September!

Get in touch and add your name to the list so that you can join us on Tuesdays for the Courageous Coach Talk!

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