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Reclaiming the joy, strength & essence of who you are. 

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What I do and how I help

I help determined individuals to align and connect with themselves.  I don't do magic.  I don't preach that you can be happy or strong or positive all the time.  I certainly don't promise your life can turn into a sparkling source of light and love.  I do, however, help you to believe in your own emotional resilience, your best physical health and I can provide the necessary tools for you to expand and grow. Working with me will significantly impact your creativity, productivity, wellbeing and joy.



While I work with anyone seeking a way through a difficult time, I have alot of experience working with care-takers and fellow coaches who need a place to check in and take a break from helping others to replenish and make sure they are taking care of themselves and able to stay focused on their own journey as teachers, healers and practitioners. 

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What I can do for you as your coach:

  • Help you learn to have a calm, present and grounded brain.

  • Help coaches and wellness practitioners rejuvenate and avoid burnout or failure!

  • Be a safe place to examine your mind and re-align with your core values

  • Reduce pregnancy anxiety and any fear associated to birth

  • Identify and release habits that cause frustration and stalled progress

  • Clear and release past trauma: childhood trauma or recent trauma

  • Free you from dread, fear, doubt, and inaction that keep you stuck

  • Identify and help to clear your energetic, vital body blockages

  • Laugh with you when we realize how easy it is to take everything too seriously and remember to find joy and ease

    • Shift from overwhelm and burnout to more clarity, calm and intentional use of time and energy

    • Identify and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

    • Help ease physical pain and stimulate healing with wholeness work

    • Address root causes of life-long ailments and conditions

    • Help you identify your greatest strengths, your talents and skills

    • Create impact and abundance in your life

    • Become more productive and less scattered

Ready to Transform?

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Discovery Call

It starts with a conversation. I book complimentary discovery calls with new clients so they can get clarity, share their expectations, and experience coaching firsthand. 

The work I do requires only a strong desire to create different results in your life.  I work with both your conscious and your unconscious mind in order to create alignment and change your life.

The most important thing is that you are committed to your own growth.  I will guide you to release and integrate and resolve all the stuff that is stuck, noisily getting in your way.  My gift is in my intuitive attention to what is really, truly in your way.  I will skillfully propel you into a stronger, more joyous, and hope-filled future.

Let’s start the conversation. Contact me so we can discuss what our unique work together can look like.

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Why a Coach?  Why not traditional therapy or counseling?

This type of coaching is different from traditional talk therapy and other types of psychological or social work in that we work with your conscious AND your unconscious mind, which is where your emotions reside.

While talk therapy can be great for people who seek  understanding, analysis and emotional validation, it works with the conscious mind , which is, unfortunately, not where our emotions, thoughts or behaviours are generated from. 


If you want to have DIFFERENT RESPONSES, DIFFERENT EMOTIONS and DIFFERENT THOUGHTS, then you need to work with the unconscious part of your mind.

I offer true transformation.  I am often approached as a last resort, when people have exhausted 'traditional' methods and change still hasn't happened.  But you don't have to wait.

We are not covered by most health insurance plans, but I have a sliding scale for those who need to minimize cost.

I work directly with the programming of your brain and use evidence based neuroscience approaches, along with before and after assessments, to measure the change you will experience. 

I believe deeply in the effectiveness of my work because of the results I have witnessed in so many of my clients over the last ten years.  I encourage you to book a complimentary consult with me so that you can discover for yourself if this might be exactly what you need now.

Coaching Sessions & Plans

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Join Courageous Coach Talks!

Next Courageous Coach Talks is February 27th at 7:30pm

Join me the last Tuesday evening of each month at 7:30pm for a relevant & engaging Coach  Talk!  Stay for a bonus mentoring group session after the talk!!

2024 Schedule:

January 30th - The Core Principals of being an Exceptional Coach.

This past talk was a discussion of Success - the tenants of it being highly individual, relative and changing and more fragile than we like to believe.  Click here to watch the replay of the talk!

February 27th - Walking the Talk of being a Trusted, Powerful Coach.  

To what degree do we need to be living an on-point life?  As a coach the pressure to always be modeling success in our own lives can be overwhelming.  Keeping the balance between being authentic and being inspiring is one we must master as successful coaches.  Avoiding the kind of coaching that is a litte bit culty and a little bit shaming and generally ugh.

March 26th - The Toughest Challenges of being a Results-Based Coach.  

We measure our success by the success of our clients.   And rightly so.  But what do we do when our clients aren't successful in their work with us?  How do we continue to maintain a successful mindset if we have a streak of clients who stump us.  What if we ourselves get stuck?  It's crucial that we know how to move forward through these challenges!

April 30th - TBD

May 28th - TBD

June 25th - TBD

PLUS a private Q&A session where you can ask me anything.  This is a priceless opportunity to bring in client questions, troubleshooting or personal queries!

Sign up below to get notified of each Master Class Talk and become a part of our inner circle.

Please check all that apply:

The zoom link will be emailed to you before the last Tuesday of each month! See you there!

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Words of Wisdom. 
Also of humour.  Also of science. Also of ponderings and insights.

I love to write and I love to coach.  I love to write about coaching.  I love to coach about what I'm writing. 

Sometime soon, this section will be bursting with articles and blogs and rants.  Just as soon as I find the time.  Until then, xo Tara.

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