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Reclaiming the joy, strength & essence of who you are.

What I do and how I help

I help determined individuals to align and connect with their purpose, build blueprints for success in emotional resilience and physical health and provide the necessary tools for them to expand and grow. Working with me will significantly impact your creativity, productivity, wellbeing and joy.



While I work with anyone seeking a way through a difficult time, I have alot of experience working with coaches and wellness practitioners who need a place to check in and take a break from helping others to replenish and make sure they are taking care of themselves and able to stay focused on their own journey as coaches, healers and practitioners. 

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What I can do for you as your coach:

  • Help you learn to have a calm, present and grounded brain.

  • Help coaches and wellness practitioners rejuvenate and avoid burnout or failure!

  • Be a safe place to examine your mind and re-align with your core values

  • Reduce pregnancy anxiety and any fear associated to birth

  • Identify and release habits that cause frustration and stalled progress

  • Clear and release past trauma: birth trauma, childhood trauma or recent trauma

  • Make you a better coach

  • Free you from dread, fear, doubt, and inaction that keep you stuck

  • Identify and help to clear your energetic, vital body blockages

  • Laugh with you when we realize how easy it is to take everything too seriously and remember to find joy and ease

    • Shift from overwhelm and burnout to clarity, calm and intentional use of time and energy

    • Identify and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

    • Help ease physical pain and stimulate healing with wholeness work

    • Address root causes of life-long ailments and conditions

    • Help you identify your greatest strengths, your talents and skills

    • Create impact and abundance in your life

    • Become more productive and less scattered

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Ready to Transform?

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Discovery Call

It starts with a conversation. I book complimentary discovery calls with new clients so they can get clarity, share their expectations, and experience coaching firsthand. 

The work I do requires only a strong desire to create different results in your life.  I work with both your conscious and your unconscious mind in order to create alignment and change your life.

The most important thing is that you are 100% committed to your own growth.  I will guide you to release and integrate and resolve all the stuff that is stuck, noisily getting in your way.  My gift is in my intuitive attention to what is really, truly in your way.  I will skillfully propel you into a stronger, more joyous, and hope-filled future.

Let’s start the conversation. Contact me so we can discuss what our unique work together can look like.

Reclaim your life!

People can get stuck just about anywhere – in relationships, in work or in life in general.

The good news is, it's never too late and it's not too hard.

“Tara gave me my life back. I had no direction, I could not see my future let alone look at myself in the mirror. I was done taking medications and re-telling my story over and over again. I control my destiny now, instead of dreading it”

Cathy, 47

Join Courageous Coaching Tuesday Talks!

Next Courageous Coach Talk is October  10th, 2023! 

Join alternating Tuesday Evenings for some fascinating deep-dive coaching mastermind discussions, plus a bonus mentoring group session!

You can watch the current season of talks here  on YouTube (for previous seasons of talks click here) or you can join the live discussions on Zoom on alternating Tuesday evenings!

The live discussions include the recorded talk PLUS a private Q&A session where you can ask me anything.  This is a priceless opportunity to bring in client questions, troubleshooting or personal queries!

Become part of the community of Courageous Coaches!

Please check all that apply:

Thanks for Joining Us! The zoom link will be emailed to you alternating Tuesdays prior to 7:30pm! See you there!

Coaching Sessions & Plans

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Single Session Coaching 

A single session to explore what's possible. 

  • The first step is to book a Coaching Session.  In just one session we can often create great change. 

  • You can continue with coaching follow-ups.

  • You may choose to book on-going 90 minute coaching sessions.

  • Or, if you are looking for something more thorough, you can choose to do a full breakthrough (3 months of coaching!) and overcome your stuck state once and for all!

  • Coaches looking for a coaching tune-up or a whole coaching transformation can do a 1-month program described below.

90 Minute Coaching Session

Sometimes just a few coaching sessions can make all the difference.  An initial coaching session is going to give you a sense of what you need to move forward with more clarity, calm & confidence.  

I offer one-time sessions or on-going sessions to individuals who are motivated to create change for themselves. Book a free consult if you have questions first!  


Click below to book a 90 min. coaching session  Sliding Scale of $125 - $175

I request payment before the session, though if circumstances don't allow this, we will invoice you after the session.  Please feel free to use the code PIF50 if you choose to use the sliding scale and pay $125+tax.



for heart led practitioners to find their flow!

This is for coaches, healers and wellness practitioners who need to step back and refresh!  This is not on branding, not on sales, not even on skills, but instead just simply on WHO you are and HOW you get into FLOW!

Many coaches struggle because they are trying to follow a style or format of coaching that doesn't suit their strengths or preferences at all, regardless of how good the technique are, if they aren't for you, they aren't for you. 
This is ONE MONTH of coach profiling and internal audit of what you're doing and how you're doing it; you will get incredibly clear on your own preferences, strengths & weaknesses. The rules of success in coaching can be re-written in a way that exactly and perfectly match you - where you are now and most importantly who you are right now.  Includes Enneagram profiling, MBTI & Spiral Dynamics assessment. 


In this unique process, we identify and bring out your unique coaching personality. I help you intuitively tap into your own strength and turn that into impactful content & coaching that reaches your perfect clients. It’s not about the results you can grind out….it’s about what magic you can create when you are finally coaching in flow!  This is $1364 Value for $650! 

Included: Pre-session profiling assessments & evaluation ($350) 2x 1.5 hour live sessions ($225), regular tasking & check points for three weeks ($175). 2 Hour coach session at the end of three weeks ($225). Free membership to Coach by design ($39).

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Breakthrough Coaching


3 month & 6 month coaching programs

starting at $3000 +tax 

Breakthrough once and for all with 3 months of UNLIMITED coaching with Tara!

There is no other program like this out there.  This is, hands down, the absolute best value you will ever experience in coaching.  

In this program, we don't count hours. We take whatever time it takes to get the results you came for.  I go in deep. I give myself larger booking times that allow you to truly transform.

The peace of mind, in knowing that you can call, book and reach out whenever you need is often the key to unlocking the problem you currently face within yourself.

It all starts with a conversation. Book your 30 minute discovery call to discover what’s possible in our work together.

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Labour of Love Workshop

This is my trademark Breakthrough Workshop!  For anyone looking for a unique, natural, anxiety-reducing, positive reframe on life, this is the workshop for you! 


NLP, Core Transformation (similar to IFS) and Neurocoaching can all be great ways to relax and find peace of mind. They can help to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain and discomfort, and help you to stay focused and in control.  

Includes one free coaching session with Tara after the workshop. (value of $195)

​Next Workshop: 

October 12

Cost: $69 +hst


Inside Out Workshops

This series of enneagram personality coaching workshops will begin in the Fall of 2023.  Led by Tara Kanerva and Kristen Carrington, they will explore our coaching strengths and weaknesses based on the Enneagram system of personality. 

50% OFF for our first Fall 2-Day Workshop!  Includes a free coaching hour 1 - 1!  Only $355 (available to pay in two payments of CND $177.50!)

Next Workshop:

Winter 2023 = TBD

More Info here


Workshops are all designed to give you a taste of the possibility with a tremendous amount of practical, useable material.

If you are curious about the programs and ideas presented here, a workshop is a great place to start!

If you have any questions, please feel free to:

text me: 226 979 8772 or

email me:

You Tube
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Why a Coach?  Why not traditional therapy or counseling?

This type of coaching is different from traditional talk therapy and other types of psychological or social work in that we work with your conscious AND your unconscious mind where your emotions reside.

While talk therapy can be great for people who want to understand themselves better or get validation, it works with the conscious mind (the 5%), which is not where our emotions, thoughts and behaviours are generated from.  If you want to have DIFFERENT RESPONSES, DIFFERENT EMOTIONS and DIFFERENT THOUGHTS, then you need to work with the unconscious part of your mind (the 95%).

I offer true transformation.  I am often approached as a last resort, when people have exhausted 'traditional' methods and change still hasn't happened.  But you don't have to wait.

I'm happy to be there at any point in your journey. I am confident that you will experience change at a deeper level than you ever have before, and WITHOUT revisiting painful memories.

I work directly with the programming of your brain and use brain technology, along with before and after assessments, to measure the change you will experience. 

I believe deeply in the effectiveness of my work and encourage you to book a complimentary consult with me so that you can discover for yourself if this might be exactly what you need now.

Words of Wisdom. 
Also of humour.  Also of science. Also of pure ranting

I love to write and I love to coach.  I love to write about coaching.  I love to coach about what I'm writing. 

Sometime soon, this section will be bursting with articles and blogs and rants.  Just as soon as I find the time.  Until then, xo Tara.

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