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Reconnect to the Light Within

With its intricate blend of sweetness and struggle, life is far from easy.  One moment, you're soaring high on the thrill of success or the warmth of love, and the next, you're plummeting into the abyss of challenges and setbacks. It's a wild ride, and having tools to mine the light within is crucial to your success, your purpose and to life's goodness.

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Tara Kanerva, M.A., M. HSc.
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Coach

"My proudest work is with leaders who soften and strengthen at the very same time.
It's a testament to the potent alchemy of transformation that flows through each of our unique journeys."

Empowering Journeys: Genuine Coaching for a Brighter Path

"Transformation is possible for everyone. At any moment in any situation, the possibility of going from a helpless, stuck state to a powerful, joyful state is just one perspective shy of reality.  This moment is what I live for and drives the passion in me to continue helping people transform their lives for the better."

True as it is, I don't ask people to accept this blindly.  Because there is an unfortunate truth I cannot deny:  A lot of what's going on in the personal development/self-help world is uninspiring at best and ineffective at it's worse.  Having been a coach for over a decade, I'm the first to point out the B.S. of this new-age, ever promising field.  I understand how frustrating it can be to sift the salt from the sand.  But I also know the incredible power of this work first-hand. It's why I invite you to meet with me for a free consult to make a call based on your own initial experience with me.

My passion for this work, along with a desire to be as integral as possible, has led me to weaving the threads of professional coaching and holistic health and intertwine it with the results based work of neuro-science and quantum theory. Grounded in research and evidence, yet dancing in the realms of energy and spirit, I walk the path of the known and the unknown with equal reverence. The results my clients achieve speak for themselves.

I work with strong, motivated people who are wise enough to recognize when an outside view may help to guide them forward and who believe that with a little - or sometimes a radical - shift in themselves could create an even greater shift in the core fabric of their lives.

3 TRUTHS that are the beating heart of my success as a coach:​

1 - Life is messy and noisy, often distracting us away from what matters. Clarity of our values & beliefs are what create our resilience, our peace and our joy;​


2 - Nobody has problems that are unsolvable - though they always feel that way at first;​


3 - No matter how hard life can be, compassion infused humor fortifies our healing.

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True personal growth blossoms from the heart, nourished by authenticity and watered by experiences



"Working with Tara has been incredibly helpful in both my personal and professional life. Not only is Tara highly insightful and skilled but she also brings humour and a huge amount of empathy to her coaching.

The tools that Tara uses (primarily NLP and Core Transformations) are incredibly effective and unlike talk therapy, you never have to talk about anything traumatic if you don't want to. Plus the changes stick! them trust you.”

- Charlotte, Physio Therapist & Coach

Tara is one of the most effective coaches I've ever worked with! She is also smart and kind and reallllyyyy good at what she does! Highly recommend!

- Katharine PHD - Parenting Coach, 

"Tara is incredible- life changing- I have been working with her for close to ten years now and she continues to provide amazing guidance, practical advice and strategies, ideas and support.


She is an amazing listener, a wonderful person and an absolute gem. She is fantastic at what she does and I am grateful to know her!!"

- Jen, Corporate Leader

Individual Coaching Sessions 

Your journey starts with a conversation, simple – no matter your reason for seeking support and change, this is your initial stride. I never charge for consultations because ensuring we align with your needs is paramount. Whether online, in-person, or over the phone, I'm here to answer your questions and ensure it's the right fit for you.

Once we begin, you can choose your journey as it fits perfectly for you. 

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Coming soon....

Do you understand the power of you own values?  In fact, are you really sure that you know your inner values and how often you are aligned with them - or how often you are not in harmony with them? You do - because it's the difference between when life feels like it's in flow and fulfilling and when life feels agitated and broken and hard.   


In this workshop, it's a deeper dive into shifting our values around to match the lives we want to be living.   


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Like rays of sunshine breaking through clouds, together we illuminate the path to growth and healing, each contribution adding brightness to our shared journey

Words of Wisdom. 
A sprinkle of humor, a dash of science, and a generous serving of musings and epiphanies. 

I'm feverishly scribbling away, pouring my heart into every word, but I won't unveil it until my expression feels complete...

Stay tuned—this space will soon overflow with articles, blogs, and impassioned rants. Just give me a moment to carve out the time.

Until then, xo Tara.

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